Company History

F&C licorice started as one of the world’s leaders in licorice extract market.... Read more

Since 1962, Dr. Kerman became one of the main suppliers of licorice roots to licorice plant of Deshanim (part of ICL group) as he himself had the same facilities back in the old country.

In 1999 Dr. Kerman purchased Licorice unit from ICL and turned it in to a private family owned business.

Dr. Kerman having experience of over half a century with supply and delivery of quality licorice roots, managed to rank F&C Licorice up to the second largest producer of licorice extract in the western world.

F&C licorice shows amazing flourishing performance with innovative products and technologies. As a result, year after year, F&C licorice grew in size and revenues and new diverse companies joined the group.

  • Fitness R us was purchased in 2003
  • Karmat coating industries was purchased in 2008
  • FC Galilee Herbs was purchased in 2013